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 PETS A PLENTY is focused on providing high-quality tropical fish and animals, as well as all the things you need to go with your aquarium or favorite pet. Customer satisfaction is important. If you don't see it in stock, just ask.

 Check  out  our  web site, then come in to our  store. We  have  
competitive  prices and Quality pets.


We  get  a  lot  of  our  animals, reptiles and snakes  locally.  That  makes  them  quite  friendly  and  tame.
We  feed  all  our  animals  the  very  best  food  too.
Everything  here  is  treated  as  if  they  were  our  own  personal pets.

We  carry  hedgehog  food  and  sugar  glider  food  and  degu  food.

We  also  have  a  nice  selection  of  hermit crabs  and  hermit  supplies.

We are open 7 days a week.
607 753 9213

Got  a  question,  Just  fill  out  our  Contact  form  and  I  promise  to  get  back  to  you  as  soon  as  possible.

We hope to see you  soon.

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